Donegal Annual 1980

President: Mrs. Dorothy Borland

The Land War in Co. Donegal Desmond Murphy476
Colum Cille’s TeachersRev. Dr. John Silke487
English Silver Coins, 1560-1640, found at Laghey, Co. DonegalMichael Kenny491
Donegal Writers and Derry of the OaksFr. Anselm Fauikner502
Workhouse and Famine: lnishowen (1845-9)Sean Beattie508
They Made History TooCecil A. King529
MacTaghlins and Houstons of DonegalRev. Joseph Houston533
Lá na Tulle i nDoirí BeagaSeán Ó Gallachair,541
Sir James Caldwell and the Lives of Half-hanged McNaughtonJohn B. Cunningham549
Leabhair    559
                    Museum Curator’s Interim Report,L.J. Emerson560
                    Ancestory QueryJohn W. Delaney561
                    Donegal SouterrainMichael Ryan561
                    Numbering of this Journal Hon. Editors562
Annual Report and Proceedings  563
In Memoriam    566
Officers and Membership  567