Donegal Annual 2005

President: Vincent O’Donnell

Our President 3
Lucius J. Emerson 1911-2005Anthony Begley7
Arthur Balfour’s Tour of Donegal 1980Seán Beattie17
The Walled Gardens of DonegalMay McClintock30
Donegal in Industry (Manufacture of Tweeds) 51
Bram Stoker’s Donegal RootsBilly Finn61
The Tithe Disturbances in ClonmanyGodfrey F. Duffy72
The Otherworld, the Underworld and the Underwater World in Donegal FolkloreHelen Meehan87
Doon Rock and the Flight of the EarlsJohn McCavitt110
The Migration Story of John Toland 1670-1722Brian Lambkin115
Some Fragments of Fairy Folklore from Magh IthaBelinda Mahaffy127
William Alfred Lipsett 1886-1915Anthony P. Quinn135
A Cultural Heritage Project 2002-’07Bernie Campbell139
The Irish in the Pacific North WestTimothy J. Sarbaugh142
Carndonagh Cross Restoration ProjectJohn Kelly153
An Clár Dá-TheangachPádraig Ó Baoighill162
Donegal StudiesEileen Burgess173
Book Reviews 183
Proceedings of the SocietyAnthony Begley192
Giraldus Cambrensis & Royal Inauguration in Tír ChonaillCharles Doherty195
Schools’ CompetitionsPat Shallow197
Officers & Membership 201
Volume 57 : 2005

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