Donegal Annual Volumes for Sale

We still have available some legacy copies of Donegal Annuals.

A full list of the contents of each Donegal Annual is available here.

If you have any questions on availability of a specific volume of the Donegal Annual or to order copies of Collected Donegal Annuals then write to us at

Collected Donegal Annuals 1947-1964

In addition to individual Donegal Annual editions, we also have also published three collections of our Annuals. Available in hardback edition and paperback edition, the content of each Collected volume is listed here.

Collected Annuals Volume 1 : 1947 – 1953 (7 Annuals)

Collected Annuals Volume 2 : 1954 – 1959 (5 Annuals)

Collected Annuals Volume 3 : 1960 – 1964 (5 Annuals)