Donegal Annual 1982

President: Mrs. Dorothy Borland

Franciscans of lnishowen and DerryFr. Anselm Faulkner, O.F.M.3
Mongeviin CastleEdward Macintyre18
The Dills of FanadSamuel M. Fleming22
They Made History Too – 2Cecil A. King33
The Struggle for the Belleek-Pettigo Salient, 1922Jonn B. Cunningham38
                                 O’Donnell AbúR. Ó Cochlain60
                                 Áit Dhuchais an Easpaig P. Ó Gallachair61
                                 Ancestry QueryR.M.K.McNolty61
                                 Bishop P. McGettigan WritesP. Ua Cnáimhsí62
                                Donegal Teetotalers, c. 1830Thomas Ainge Devyr63
McDonagh Memorial Competition, 1982Liam Mac Meanman65
Tribute to Our Hon. EditorEdward Macintyre65
Book Reviews  68
In Memoriam  76
Annual Report and Proceedings   78
Officers and Membership  83
Volume 34 : 1982