Donegal Annual 1975 / 1976

President: Brian Walsh

Saint Oliver Plunkett & The Diocese Of RaphoeRt.  Rev. Monsignor Tomas Ó Fiaich99
Folklore From GlenfinnLiam MacMenamin, B.A108
Dr. William Smyth, Heroic Donegal DoctorMary Rankin126
From Dr. William Smyth’s DaughterMrs. Mary Russell,129
The Rosses: From The Earliest Times To 1640Fr. T. O’Donnell, O.F.M131
Co. Donegal Sept HeraldryO’Kelly de Conejera165
Megalithic Monuments Along The ErneDenis Holly179
Notes Et Queries 201
Book Reviews  201
In Memoriam 209
Annual Report and Proceedings 218
Officers and Membership 223
1975 /1976