Donegal Annual 1952

President: Very Rev. Peadar MacLoinsigh

Committee & Membership  
The Story of Doe CastleChris MacDonagh381
History of Public Transport in DonegalC. A. Celkin406
Donegal in Industry (Manufacture of Tweeds) 417
Ireland’s First District Justice 424
Antiquities in the Parish of Donegal (Townawilley) 428
Antiquities in and around KillybegsB. J. McNelis431
Gleanings from Old Newspapers & MMS (Murder in Fanad) 434
Burials at Knader, BallyshannonP.A. Jackson435
Donegalmen in the American War of IndependenceK. Taaffe439
Correspondence- O’Donnells of Glasagh 444
“Na Glúnta Rossanacha” – léarmheasPádraig Ó Cnáimhsighe448
1952 In Retrospect 449

This edition of the Donegal Annual has been reprinted as part of Collected Donegal Annuals Volume 1 1947-1953 on sale here