Donegal Annual 1964

President:  Rev. P. Ó Gallachair

The Decay and Break-up of the Rundale System  in the Barony of Tír HughJames Anderson, B.A., The Diamond, Donegal1
Gleanings from Donegal History (Part III)Fr. Terence O’Donnell, O.F.M., Gormanston43
MacDonagh Memorial Prize Essays, LetterkennyPatricia Russell, Ardara, Lochlann MacGill, Ardara56
A Bibliography of Donegal GeologyDr. E. M. Patterson,  Ayrshire, Scotland69
Professor Robert Crawford of BallyshannonLucius J. Emerson77
A Detail in Donegal Transport HistoryRobert Hunter, M.A., Magee University College, Derry83
Notes & Queries 87
Father Terence O’Donnell, O.F.M  93
Proceedings of The Society 96
Book Reviews  98
Officers & Membership, 1964  101

This edition of the Donegal Annual has been reprinted as part of Collected Donegal Annuals Volume 3 (1960-1964) on sale here