Membership Management Portal – Quick-Start Guide (4 of 4)

Future Options

Recording Payments by Classic Methods

The system can also be used to record those who have paid through the classic payment methods (cheque, e-banking etc) as their details can be recorded using the admin form, see Add Message button here. The Add Message function does not force payment by PayPal to compete the record. 

For example, record their details and once their cheque has cleared use the Change Paid Status button in the Message List which will flag payment in the subsequent Excel spreadsheets but also produce email confirmation to membership@ and the member. 


The system used also has an integration with Mailchimp (not switched on) so that name and email details can be sent there for use when sending broadcast emails to members. 

Member Registration 

The system can enable the automatic registration of members who have paid to allow members to use their email address to access “Members Only” resources on the website. For example, electronic copies of legacy Donegal Annuals. 

Other Integration Options

The system can also be enable to integrate with other services such as payment systems SagePay, Square and others such as SalesForce.